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What can an outdoor ethanol fireplace be used for? That’s an exciting question, read the answer here! We give practical tips and ideas and show you which ethanol fireplaces are suitable for outdoor use.

A cool garden party or a relaxed evening on the balcony with friends – that is something particularly beautiful and relaxing. Especially in summer, even in our latitudes, you can sit outside for a long time without freezing. But even in the transitional periods, nothing beats a relaxing time in the fresh air. But one thing should definitely not be missing: a nice fire! However, there is not always enough space for a large grill fireplace or a fire bowl. The resulting smoke and its unpleasant smell is not necessarily a dream for the neighbors and guests.

What to do?

We have a great product for you: our ethanol fireplaces for outdoor use . They can be set up easily without the need for a permanent installation or the like. Keep some distance from flammable materials – then nothing really can happen. Now all you have to do is pour in ethanol and light the fireplace. You already have a wonderful fire for up to four hours.

Which fireplaces are suitable for outdoors?

In principle, all free-standing fireplaces are also suitable for outdoor use – but a few of our fireplaces are particularly practical for this use.

The Bio ethanol fireplace Cortona and Cortona Mini:

Not only that this fireplace with its curved shape and the type of a seesaw is a particularly stylish object – it can also be perfectly placed on the corner of a terrace. The fireplace is also a real eye-catcher on a base such as a Mediterranean column. It is available in black, white and granite optics – so that you can always find a suitable color for your outdoor furniture. Aside from its unique look, the Cortona also emits heat: 2kW is not enough to warm you up in winter. But the fire radiates a pleasant warmth, especially when the fireplace is in the back of a chair, it warms very pleasantly from behind. Combined with a radiant heater, it is wonderful to stay outside even on colder days.

But not only in the living room, the safety of the fireplace also plays an important role outside here: there must be no fire from spreading ethanol. But don’t worry: thanks to the ceramic sponge inside the ethanol burner, no ethanol can escape even if you or one of your guests accidentally hits the fireplace and tips it over.

So: enjoy the coming evenings with your loved one, your family and friends on your balcony in the atmosphere of a wonderful fire, open a bottle of wine, smoke a pipe – whatever you feel like doing!

Our outdoor ethanol standing fireplaces

Our outdoor ethanol wall-mounted fireplaces

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