Build your own ethanol fireplace

Build your own ethanol fireplace – instructions

If you would like to build your own ethanol fireplace, we have good news for you: it is definitely feasible to build a fireplace of your own design. To ensure that the fireplace is also safe, we have summarized some safety instructions for you that you should absolutely observe. Finally, we will give you a few suggestions and tips for building your own ethanol fireplace.

Safety comes first

Before we go into the details, we would like to point this out to you once again: it is extremely important when dealing with an open fire in the living area, but also on the terrace or in the garden, that you have a healthy and natural respect for it and are aware of the consequences of an accident. Of course, we don’t want to scare you and certainly not advise against building a beautiful fireplace yourself. But you should always keep the safety of this fireplace in mind during the design and development process.

First of all, you should contact the supplier of your Ethanol burner ( e.g. from us) send us instructions for installing this burner and operating instructions with installation instructions. This is also possible without any problems before buying, just ask for it. You should read these carefully and familiarize yourself with the safety instructions. It is also important to pay attention to the quality of the burner and to make sure that it is an absorption burner. This means that the liquid ethanol is absorbed and “secured” by a material in the burner, for example ceramic wool. Then no (burning) ethanol can escape even if the burner is knocked over. We have extensively tested our burner and checked for safety risks. They are all developed according to the DIN Norm 4731

You are also welcome to send us your drawings of your fireplace and we will check them for you – free of charge and without obligation, of course. If necessary, we will give you a few tips if we should discover a security risk. However, this is rarely the case.

You can find more information about the safety of ethanol fireplaces here:

Many ideas, many possibilities: the very special ethanol fireplace

When you have familiarized yourself sufficiently with security issues, you can finally get to the heart of your project: the fireplace you have designed yourself. You have several options for self-construction: should it be an integrated fireplace in a wall, or rather a standing fireplace in front of a wall, or do you prefer a completely free-standing fireplace, possibly suitable as a room divider?

Built-in fireplace

A built-in fireplace is always a nice eye-catcher that gives your room a certain depth. If you build this fireplace yourself, make sure that you use the right material and the necessary distance between the fire and the wall. We also recommend using a protective glass pane here. With this type of fireplace, the burner is usually inserted correctly so that it is flush with the base of the fireplace.

Fixed wall-mounted fireplace

You build this fireplace yourself from scratch. Whether made of metal, MDF or stone – that’s up to you. It just can’t be any flammable material. Here you have full creativity and freedom of choice. You can also use the Palermo ethanol fireplace as a basis.

Open and free-standing fireplace

This is our supreme discipline in chimney construction. There are also very few finished models on the market and there are hardly any limits to your creativity. You can put this fireplace anywhere you like. Developing a room divider with an integrated fire is also a great idea.

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