Converting a fireplace into an ethanol fireplace – is that possible?

Having a stove and not using it is a real shame. There are various reasons why a fireplace is no longer in use: you need to have the flue checked by a chimney sweep, you need to get and store wood, the fireplace needs to be cleaned etc. Today we would like to show you how to convert your fireplace into an ethanol fireplace can convert and use it again.

Requirements for conversion to an ethanol fireplace

Is your fireplace an open or a closed fireplace? Ethanol burners are designed to burn in an open environment. Tests have shown that the flames with closed chimneys are larger and also more uncontrolled than with closed chimneys. We therefore recommend converting a closed fireplace into an open fireplace. It is often enough to simply dismantle the door – or leave it open.

It is also important that the inside of the fireplace is made of non-combustible material. It sounds so natural, but it isn’t necessarily. Remove all combustible materials from your stove and, if necessary, add non-combustible materials such as stone or metal to the interior.

Next, measure the size of the interior in order to decide on a suitable burner. As a rule, we recommend that you use a smaller burner rather than one that is too large in order to avoid difficulties with the conversion. The ethanol combustion chamber must never be opened or damaged!

Finally, you still have to decide: do I want to convert my fireplace permanently or maybe first test whether I really like the conversion? If you decide in favor of permanent retrofitting right from the start, then you can integrate the ethanol burner permanently into your fireplace. One option is to remove the ash container from your chimney and install the combustion chamber there. Alternatively, you can first place the burner in the chimney and let it take effect before you install the burner permanently. One option is of course that you want to use your fireplace for both wood and ethanol. In this case, you can develop a flexible solution with our Palermo ethanol fireplace by placing it directly in your fireplace and simply removing it again when necessary.

The individual steps summarized again:

  1. Is the fireplace open or closed?
  2. What materials are in the fireplace?
  3. How big is the interior?
  4. Do you convert permanently or temporarily?
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