DIN Norm 4734-1: guaranteed safety for fireplaces with ethanol

din-norm 4734

Safety regulations according to DIN 4734-1

This standard applies to all chimneys and other fireplaces that use liquid fuels. The aim is for everyone to be able to use the fireplaces and stoves safely and clearly in order to create guaranteed safety for the fireplaces. This means that the operator knows exactly what to do and how to deal with the fire without prior personal training by a specialist. The standard was created by the “Decorative Fireplaces Ethanol Fireplaces” working group, to which German and international manufacturers belong, in cooperation with the industrial association HKI (Haus-, Heiz- und Küchentechnik eV). It was released around 2011. Back then there were many accidents with ethanol chimneys and other decorative fireplaces that run on liquid fuels. Frequent causes were operating errors, but also unsafe cheap fireplaces. With the help of the standard, the consumer should be able to decide whether a fireplace is safe or not and whether he will be able to handle the operation well when buying it.

The following points are specified in Din 4734:

  • Construction
  • Production
  • Operating mode
  • Operational safety
  • Marking of safe ethanol fireplaces
  • Instructions for use
The most important requirements are:

The chimney must stand securely and must not tip over. Ethanol must also not escape from the burner and there must be a fixed device that enables the fireplace to be extinguished immediately: for example, a sliding flap that can be closed and thus deprive the fire of oxygen so that the fire goes out. The maximum burning of ethanol is half a liter per hour for table fireplaces, a maximum of three liters is permitted for the larger standing fireplaces. This is to minimize the risk of fire. In addition, the casing of the fireplace must not get so hot that you can burn yourself if you touch it.

Important: even if you want to build a build an ethanol fireplace yourself you keep to the rules and regulations of the standard, of course in your own interest. If you have a safe burner , eg from our range, using it is a good basis for it.

More precise information and details can be found in the DIN standard 4734 itself. This is available from Beuth-Verlag. If you have any questions about this or the topic of safety of ethanol fireplaces, please feel free to contact us.

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