Ethanol fireplace: advantages and disadvantages

Of course, we talk a lot about the benefits of ethanol fireplaces. In this article we would like to inform you about the disadvantages and risks of ethanol fireplaces – even if some “marketing experts” might label it as stupid. However, we are convinced that you, the customer, would like to find out about the advantages as well as the disadvantages of ethanol fireplaces before you finally decide for or against buying one. You will be able to do that by the time you read this article. We want to give you a secure feeling of what an ethanol fireplace is – and what it isn’t.

To start with, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of an ethanol fireplace.

The disadvantages of ethanol fireplaces

Of course, we cannot know what is most important or totally unimportant to you personally. We have therefore tried to point out the disadvantages of ethanol fireplaces that are as generally applicable as possible.

An ethanol fireplace is not a primary source of heat

In contrast to a wood-fired fireplace, an ethanol fireplace alone is not enough to fully heat your own home. It gives off a pleasant warmth, no question about it, even in the transition period for warming up or heating up it is sufficient – but not as the only source of heat. This is a disadvantage of ethanol fireplaces.

Not all fireplaces are safe

We have tested, looked at and rated many fireplaces ourselves. One thing is clear: not all of them meet the safety requirements. The cheap models under € 100 are particularly dangerous. The reason? They were not developed according to the DIN Norm 4734-1 do not meet their security requirements. The key point here is that the ethanol must never come out of the chimney. Either you use a safe burner with absorption function or the fireplace is constructed in such a way that it cannot be knocked over due to its statics and weight.

Why are there the cheap models anyway? The reason is very simple: they are produced cheaply in Asia and only bought there. But: the Asian producer also wants to earn money from it and has to keep its costs as low as possible. So he compromises on manufacturing and material – you, the consumer, have the trouble in the end. But don’t worry: our chimneys have all been developed according to the DIN standard and we are currently also accompanying the certification by TÜV Rheinland.

Another tip: avoid burners that are cup-shaped and look like those from your fondue set: these are not safe and it is sometimes sufficient for an ethanol splash to hit the heated burner and ignite there. Therefore only use safe firing systems!

An ethanol fireplace uses oxygen

This is of course no surprise with an open fire without a smoke outlet, but it is still a point that we would like to explain here. Every open flame – even if it is just a candle – needs oxygen to burn and draws it out of the air. Otherwise it cannot burn. So what do you have to do? Nothing you wouldn’t do anyway. Ventilate at intervals if you feel the need – and the problem is solved!

It’s a fireplace with a real flame.

There are always customers who don’t worry about it at all and want to dump ethanol into the open flame without thinking too much about it. This is extremely dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. Even if the burner is still warm, you should be very careful and let it cool down in order to avoid a so-called deflagration of the bio-ethanol.

Nevertheless, we don’t want to scare you: just approach an open flame with the necessary, natural respect and nothing will happen to you.

The advantages of ethanol fireplaces

Great, you have read this far and are now ready to finally deal with the advantages of an ethanol fireplace . If you don’t want to use the fireplace as your sole heating source and are ready to spend a little extra bucks on a safe fireplace, now we’re going to show you a few unique benefits that will inspire you.

No chimney, but a lot of freedom

An ethanol fireplace does not need a smoke vent because when burning Bioethanol there is no soot and no smoke and is therefore totally mobile. This is an absolute advantage, as you are not tied to a certain place and can also set up the fireplace in the middle of the room – at least the standing fireplaces. But even for the wall-mounted fireplace, you don’t need more than a free space on yours – it’s easy.

A mobile fireplace has even more advantages: You can easily redecorate and rearrange your room without having to worry about the fireplace. Simply put it somewhere else or attach it, fill the old holes in the wall if necessary, done. Even with your next move to a new apartment or a new house: pack your fireplace and take it with you: great, isn’t it?

No dangerous gases

Burning ethanol does not produce any dangerous gases – in contrast to burning wood. Therefore, no chimney and no approval from the chimney sweep is required. The fuel bio ethanol is so clean that only water and carbon dioxide are produced when it is burned, and only in very small quantities.

No ashes in your apartment.

A fuel as clean as bio ethanol has even more advantages: there is also no ash as the organic residue of the fire, which is also likely to spread throughout your living room. This has another plus point for ethanol fireplaces: when burning beforehand, there is no soot that settles on your wall or ceiling. Only in the chimney itself may some soot develop – namely in the places where the flame comes into contact with the housing or the burner.

Easy to use

While you have to chop or buy wood for a conventional fireplace, transport it home by car and perhaps also with a rented trailer, unload it, carry it and also have to store it somewhere – none of this is necessary with an ethanol fireplace. You can either buy the bio ethanol you need in liter bottles at the hardware store around the corner, or order bio ethanol online without any effort (for example from us). To use the fireplace, simply pour the liquid ethanol into the burner, observing the maximum capacity, and ignite it. A beautiful fire with flames develops within a few minutes. You can spend your evening in comfort by the fireplace, bring your loved ones to join in or receive your guests by the fireplace. It couldn’t be easier, right?

Finally: rate the points and decide for yourself

We hope that we were able to help you with your decision for or against an ethanol fireplace and that you have found out what exactly is your wish and requirement for a fireplace. You now know the disadvantages but also the advantages of an ethanol fireplace . If you want to avoid time, money and effort for a chimney stove with a smoke outlet, or if you don’t even have the possibility of chimney access for a chimney: then we advise you with a clear conscience to the Buying an ethanol fireplace .

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