Ethanol fireplace heating output

ethanol kamin heizleistung

An ethanol fireplace is operated with an open fire and thus heat is also given off into the room. The ethanol fireplace heating output depends on the burner size and thus the amount of ethanol used. A large fireplace provides nice, pleasant warmth that creates a feel-good atmosphere. The burners can usually be regulated continuously, so the heat output can also be controlled via the flame regulation. Opening slides are installed on the burner, which allow the combustion opening to be opened or closed as far as desired.

Another advantage is operation without a chimney. With conventional chimneys, a very large proportion of the heat is lost through the chimney. Since an ethanol fireplace is operated without a chimney, this heat remains in the room. In addition, the burning of ethanol takes place without smoke and soot. There is also no need to clean the fireplace after use – simply refill ethanol and the next fireplace hour can begin. However, when the ethanol is burned, carbon dioxide is produced, which is harmful to humans in large quantities. You should therefore ventilate the room at regular intervals. This means that some of the heat is lost again. You should ventilate at regular intervals depending on the size of the fireplace and the burner and the size of the room. We recommend that you ventilate briefly at least every 2-3 hours (burst ventilation).

Compared to other heating systems, an ethanol fireplace is rather inefficient. Compared to other fuels, bio-ethanol has a low energy density and therefore a comparatively low heat emission. However, the calorific values ​​of a large burner can be up to 3 KW. However, reliable information on the calorific values ​​of a fireplace is not possible due to the different filling quantities and stepless regulation. Ethanol fireplaces are primarily eye-catchers in every interior design, but not recommended as primary heating.

However, this is not necessarily a disadvantage. You cannot use an ethanol fireplace as primary heating – but that is exactly the charm of the fireplace – you can comfortably enjoy it even on beautiful summer evenings. Especially when the seasons change between autumn and spring, the warmth of the burning ethanol is very pleasant and creates a cozy atmosphere.

An ethanol fireplace is a beautiful real fire that ensures cozy hours due to the play of flames. Personal perception often plays a trick on you and ensures a greater sense of warmth even without a high level of heat development in the room. An ethanol fireplace brings comfort and can be operated at any time of the year. You also save yourself the hassle of carrying wood and cleaning the fireplace.

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