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The perfect garden party: ideas for decoration, food, drinks and music

Are you planning a garden party? Then we will be happy to help you and give you creative garden party ideas for decorations and recipes.

Occasion: special occasion like wedding, birthday or just for fun?

A garden party is always a very special event that everyone likes to remember: a mild summer evening, delicious food, good drinks and lots of entertainment – that’s what makes an evening like this.

Of course, we must first clarify the most important question: why are you celebrating? If there is a very special occasion, such as a wedding or a milestone birthday, then of course much more points have to be considered than at a normal garden party. A theme party in the garden always finds enthusiastic visitors. You can of course use our tips for any occasion. But one thing is very important: make it clear in advance why you are celebrating and what needs to be considered, for example: dress code, use of certain colors, the type of music, the different tastes of the guests, etc.

Create a clear picture of what your party should look like. Then you can plan the next steps without any problems.

Number of guests: how big is the garden, how much space do you need?

Two points need to be clarified here: how big is the garden and who must be able to sit (for health reasons, for example). If you are clear about this, you can specify the number of guests to be invited and send or pronounce the invitations. It is also important to note that you do not invite strongly antagonistic parties and that you keep an eye on your financial budget when making the invitations.

Eating and drinking: What would you like to offer your guests?

First, you need to decide what is appropriate for the occasion. Basically you can offer (almost) anything for a garden party.

It is of course particularly popular for barbecuing. But also a cold buffet with different salads, homemade meatballs or smoked fish are always well received. If you are planning an Italian evening, different types of pasta and sauces are tasty and easy to prepare. All you need is a way to keep the dishes warm. A large anti pasti platter goes perfectly with this. You can easily find the right recipes online, for example at chefkoch or on various food blogs.

You can’t go wrong with drinks. A basic set of water (still and carbonated), one or two types of juice, cola, beer and wine is of course mandatory. If you also wanted to offer your guests something special, here are two drinks that have become more and more popular in recent years: “Hugo” and “Lillet Vive”.

One more thing is important: the drinks should be cool. Because your guests want to freshen up after a hot day.

Furniture, crockery and cutlery: do you have everything or do you have to borrow something?

Depending on the size of the party, your own inventory may not be enough. Before you rent anything expensive, ask your neighbors or your family first. Most of the time you get enough furniture for the garden party. If you have a special motto, you may need to use a loan service.

Decoration ideas for the garden party: create the right flair!

Only the right decoration and the right light create a perfect ambience for a garden party. After all, the guests should feel comfortable and where would you not rather spend your time than in a cozy atmosphere? However, expensive, elaborate decoration is by no means necessary here. A lot of beautiful things can be created with little money and more imagination. Fresh flowers and candles or tea lights in glasses on the tables create a summery light mood. Garden torches, which can be placed anywhere in the garden and also make darker corners of the garden inviting, also look beautiful. Fairy lights are always great, of course. The following applies here: it doesn’t have to be perfect, the 50-year-old chain of lights with different lights can also create a great atmosphere.

The absolute highlight, however, is an open fire: be it in a fireplace or a fire bowl, the resulting lighting and cosiness are priceless. Our ethanol fireplaces Cortona and Roma are the perfect companions for such an evening. You can use them in your house or apartment in winter and simply put them out in spring / summer. Perfect!

Music: the right sound for your party!

For a successful garden party, of course, the background music should not be missing. We think jazz music is very suitable, but light pop, gentle electro sounds or summery classical music are also ideal. Depending on your budget, a live band or even a single musician is a great option.

Weather: what are the prospects? What do you have to consider? The last thing you have to do is do the weather check: How warm does it get in the evening? How high is the risk of rain? Only good preparation helps against bad weather. You should have enough blankets to warm up and possibly organize a pavilion or something similar to protect against rain. It can be set up quickly if necessary and it usually stays nice and warm underneath!

  • In summary, you must have clarified the following points:
  • Why are you partying?
  • Who’s coming?
  • What do you want to eat and drink?
  • Do you have to borrow furniture or dishes?
  • How do you decorate?
  • What music should be played?
  • How’s the weather going?
Do you feel like having your own garden party now? Then start planning right away and prepare a great evening for you and your guests!

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