Is an ethanol fireplace dangerous? – Tips for your safety

Is an ethanol fireplace dangerous? – Tips for your safety

The Ethanol Fireplace Danger – What Is The Myth About It? The first question some customers ask is “Are ethanol fireplaces dangerous?” Even before you even deal with the design or the practical application of such a fireplace, the question of security arises. At first we wondered about it, but finally it became clear to us: Again and again you read, hear and see in the media about accidents in connection with ethanol fireplaces and there are reports about how dangerous these fireplaces are. We would like to get to the bottom of these reports and the resulting questions and answer them step by step. Because one thing is clear: the incorrect handling of an open fire, regardless of the form, is always dangerous and a risk factor for people and the environment. But one thing is also clear: if you follow the rules, you can spend a wonderful and relaxing evening by the fireplace. But read for yourself.

How do I know if my ethanol fireplace is safe?

The question can be answered very clearly. If you bought a cheap model for 50 € – then the fireplace is not safe. Have you bought a model for more than € 100 – let’s take a closer look. The fireplace should have been developed according to the DIN 4734 and a safe burner, contained in the best case with absorption function. This technically ensures that no ethanol can escape from the burner. If you can answer “yes” to both of these questions, then you have a safe ethanol fireplace. How do I operate an ethanol fireplace correctly? We have written our own article on this. The most important points are briefly summarized here: Do not pour any ethanol into the burning fireplace. Wipe up any spilled ethanol immediately before you light the fireplace. Let the fireplace cool down before you start new fill in bioethanol

Is my fireplace in the right place?

The right installation in the right place is very important for the safe operation of an ethanol fireplace. While the standing fireplaces just have to be set up, the wall-mounted fireplaces need to be paid a little more attention. The operating instructions provide you with sufficient information on the subject. If you attach the fireplace to a flammable wall, it makes sense to coat this on the spot beforehand (e.g. with a special paint or a piece of metal, etc.). Are you worried that the fireplace won’t hold up against the wall? In this case, we recommend the assistance of a professional to avoid unnecessary risk. Basically, you should ask yourself the question: is my chosen place for the fireplace really the right place for an open fire? Make sure you answer the question with confidence and common sense for yourself. Two pointers: the fireplace should be in a place where there is little movement and where there are no children playing? The distance to flammable materials should be more than one meter.

How warm can an ethanol fireplace get?

As already mentioned several times, an ethanol fireplace does not have the same heating output as a wood fireplace. Nevertheless, the fire exudes a pleasant warmth. And if the fire radiates a pleasant warmth, the fireplace and the housing will of course also become warm or even hot over time. And if the case is hot, you can of course burn yourself on it. The heat development is of course also related to the structure and size of the fireplace. So, be careful when touching the fireplace 😉 There are many more questions and unresolved issues that you might be concerned with or even from buying one Ethanol fireplace and which are not listed here. Do you have any further questions about the safety of ethanol fireplaces ? Then contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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