Which fireplace suits my furnishing style?

Ethanol fireplace furnishing style How are you furnished and which fireplace suits your interior? There are many different furnishing styles:

  • Modern furnishing style: the modern furnishing style is above all one thing: totally uncomplicated. Here you can play and combine different styles to your heart’s content.
  • Country house style: It is slightly playful but not kitschy, neither particularly masculine nor particularly feminine. Here a lot is put on real wood and loving workmanship – in order to find relaxation in a city apartment as well as in the country.
  • Mediterranean furnishing style: influences such as the sea, sand and lots of sunshine are reflected here: bright colors combined with dark wood, plus terracotta and rattan. An unmistakable combination.
  • Scandinavian furnishing style: a lot of natural elements are used here. Light wood in combination with warm but also lively colors – plus clear lines and few flourishes, this is how this style can be described. It is a contrast to the dark and cold months.
  • Often these styles are mixed and cannot always be clearly separated from each other. Even a deliberate break in style can have an elegant and creative effect. Therefore, there are no limits to your imagination.

Nevertheless, there are a few principles that you should be aware of

The fireplace needs space to work. You don’t have to have the space of a royal palace entrance hall, but a chimney squeezed in between two pieces of furniture just doesn’t look nice. Just leave some space left and right or even clear an entire wall – as you like it best.

Find a location where the fireplace can be easily seen. Opposite the door, in a corner of the room, facing the couch – there are many ways that the fireplace becomes an absolute eye-catcher in your room. Pay attention to the colors in your room and work with contrasts. There is a lot of leeway here. Let yourself be inspired by our product photos!

Enjoy your fireplace. It is not intended as a shelf for everyday objects, but should offer you a place to retreat and relax.

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