How does a bio ethanol fireplace work?

When we talk to customers, we notice again and again how surprised they are about the possibilities and the ethanol fireplace function. We are often asked directly: how does a bio ethanol fireplace actually work? Even if a live demonstration of a fireplace would of course be the easiest, we would like to explain how it works in detail here.

The concept

The way an ethanol fireplace works is different from that of a gas or wood fireplace. Here liquid bio ethanol is burned, which burns without leaving any residues without producing soot and smoke. Therefore, it is not necessary to connect a chimney, which is simply practical! The flame is very clean and clear, apart from ventilating from time to time, there is nothing else you need to do.

Technology and installation of the fireplace

Before you can finally operate the fireplace, a short and simple installation is necessary. There are two different types of ethanol fireplaces: free-standing and wall-mounted fireplaces.

These wall-mounted fireplaces simply hang up on the device provided for this purpose, similar to a television. This is either separate from the chimney or already built into the chimney. So just drill holes in the wall, insert dowels, attach screws and hang up the fireplace. We only recommend a safety distance of at least one meter from flammable materials, especially curtains. But that is usually due to visual reasons.

It is even simpler with the free-standing chimneys, the so-called standing chimneys. In most cases nothing needs to be assembled here. Simply unpack the supplied burner, insert it into the fireplace and place the fireplace where you would like it to be. There is also no need to put fire protection material under the fireplace – there is not so much heat generated that there is a risk. Even on a wooden floor, you don’t have to worry. A safety distance of one meter from other objects is also recommended for this fireplace.

Practical application: light the fireplace properly

When the fireplace stands or hangs in the right place, all you have to do is operate it. This is very easy: fill bio ethanol into the burner and ignite it with a lighter provided for this purpose. After a few seconds you will have a beautiful, clear flame image.

Warm up the room

Of course, a Ethanolkamin is not a replacement for heating (see also “ Advantages and disadvantages of an ethanol fireplace ”). Nevertheless, they have a heat output of 2-4kW, which corresponds to 30-50% of the heat of a wood fireplace. In this way you can comfortably warm a room up to 30 square meters if it already has basic heat and you do not start at 0 degrees Celsius. When the burner is fully filled, the burn time is 2-4 hours, depending on the size of the burner. Then the fire goes out automatically and it does not continue to glow. If you want to extinguish the fire beforehand, for example because you want to go to sleep, you can close the thrust flap of the burner – and the fire is out immediately. The remaining ethanol remains in the burner for the next day. (A little tip: if you fill up with some ethanol anyway, the fireplace will ignite more easily).

If you want to continue operating the fireplace after the flame has gone out or extinguished, let the burner cool down briefly (approx. 15 minutes). You can then refill bioethanol and continue to operate the fireplace.

The function of a bio ethanol fireplace is that simple. If you have any further questions, read our other posts or contact us!

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